Filtered Stars

I had spent the last twenty minutes huddled in as many layers as I could find, breathing warm air into my buff, knowing that I might be disappointed. It’s one of those things you always hear about the Northern Lights; cameras pick it up better than our eyes do, try not to be too expectant, you might be let down. Well, so far nothing about that trip had been quite what I’d expected, and I wouldn’t have been anywhere else.


On Australia, From Bath

How different would life be if I chose, for example, a different homestay? A different city? A different country? What if I didn’t choose to go on exchange at all? There are so many possible answers to these questions. In the theory of parallel universes, a separate version of myself is living out all of these options, walking down the paths that these junctions set them onto. The question I ask myself; would I rather be one of them, instead of me?